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iPhone & iPad Development

iPhone and iPad Apps are one of the best way to market your company. iPhone and iPad apps far exceed websites because an iPhone app has access to all of the hardware on your phone. An iPhone or iPad application can leverage your location, your camera, your photos and much more. An iPhone app sits on a users screen, giving your company or business valuable visual real estate for each user that downloads your application. iPhone apps can be used internally with bar-code scanning, or data entry, location mapping and much more.

How Long Does it Take to Develop? Building an iPhone or iPad application can be as complex or as simple as you make it. STEPHENCARR.NET has created a fully functioning iPhone application within 1 week and has had it available for millions of iPhone users to download in 2 weeks. Other iPhone apps have taken several months from initial conception to iTunes store release.

Process. To get started with your own iPhone or iPad app you need to first contact me direct. Email or Phone is fine. We can discuss your app, the desired functionality and you will have a ballpark estimate within the first few communications. At that point if you decide to move foward you will prepay development hours. Upon receipt of your first payment development begins. All development time is billed at $50 / hour.

Communication. You will be kept in the communication loop throughout the development process. Upon approval from you your app will be submitted to the Apple iTunes Store.

iPhone & iPad App Gaming. A great way to get exposure for your company or business is to develop an iPhone game. A simple game entertains the users, helps imprint your company in their mind and has the added benefit of potentially being opened numerous times throughout the day. All of this keeps your company name, logo and brand ever present in the mind of the user.

Stephen Carr is a published iTunes, iOS, Apple Developer. With multiple apps in the iTunes app store. Feel free to view my apps below or contact me for a quote.

ColorTouches - is an iPhone and iPad skill game. Touch the colors as they change, get as many points as possible. Errors are also tracked, share your high scores with your family and friends.

Fort Worth Facts - Fort Worth Facts is an iPhone and iPad application that has a very nice user interface with cool animations and trasitions you will learn facts about Fort Worth Texas that you did not previously know. Download Fort Worth Facts iPhone / iPad Application

Fort Worth Parks - an iPhone application that allows the user to search Fort Worth City parks and favorite them if they choose or share the park address with friend, or map directions a particular park in Fort Worth Texas.

Bread Crumbs Trails - is a Geo Location iPhone and GPS enabled iPad application. Start the application and begin dropping latitude and logitude bread crumbs in intervals of 5 seconds. Start or Stop your bread crumb trail at any time. Export a single bread crumb with time stamp and text, email or share the link with another iphone user or yourself. Export ALL bread crumbs in CSV format including time and date stamp for later polyline map drawings, or export only your locations in CSV format for use on other projects. This application was was built for various implementations, drive the border of your ranch or quickly share your location to a friend or family member by clicking on a single crumb.

View All iPad and iPhone Applications here